UPS shipping for the Flippi Fin ll AC Rev-2 Kit is running between $13.50 and $20.00.

I will continue to refund the difference between the actual shipping cost and what you pay when you order online.

Week of July 22nd Updates

Working to assemble the components for our next model rocket kit.

We do our best to provide a great, fun to build kit.  But please tell us what we can do to be even better!

About The Rocket Store

Crafting Limitless Rocketry Possibilities

At The Rocket Store, we specialize in providing model rocketry enthusiasts with craft scale -- and highly customizeable -- builder kits largely inspired by existing and conceptual space vehicles.  Our mission is to help bring your model rocketry dreams to life.  We provide enthusiasts with complete soup-to-nut kits that are fun to assemble -- oftentimes incorporating novel components -- for truly one-of-a-kind builds.  So embark on this journey with us to explore the realms of traditional, 3D printed, and mixed-material builds, and elevate your rocketry experience to new heights along the way.

Your Destination for Innovative Model Rocketry Builds

Ignite Your Passion with Unique Rocket Designs and Components

Welcome to The Rocket Store, your go-to hub for cutting-edge model rocketry designs, components, and accessories.  Explore a world where traditional efforts oftentimes meld with innovation, offering a range of fully detailed and challenging builds -- Rocksim simulation files included -- that hopefully go at least a bit beyond the ordinary.

Our Highlights

Discover the essence of rocketry innovation and exploration at The Rocket Store. From challenging builds to exclusive components, we bring you a world of endless possibilities.

Cutting-Edge Rocket Components

Explore our collection of unique and innovative components that redefine model rocketry standards, providing enthusiasts with the tools for truly exceptional builds.

Customized Rocket Simulations

With access to Rocksim files for all of our kits, you can experience the thrill of manipulating the components of the build to make it your own, offering a unique hands-on approach to designing and launching your customized rockets with precision.

Incorporating Unique Components

Challenge yourself with builds that go beyond the traditional, incorporating exclusive components to create rocketry masterpieces that do their best to stand out from the crowd.

Diverse Build Options

From traditional builds to 3D printed and mixed-material creations, The Rocket Store presents a diverse range of build options for enthusiasts of all skill levels to explore and enjoy.

Pertinent Statistics

Innovative Components
(Well, we are new, so not quite yet!)

Satisfied Customers
(Approaching...approaching 3.2k)

Rocket Builds Launched
(I never said WE launched that many...geesh!)

About Our Team

Joshua Trubinsky
Mechanical Engineering Student / 
3D Printing Guru

Current mechanical engineering student at Elon University -- and Etsy shop entrepreneur -- pursuing a commission into the United States Space Force in 2027.  Focused on Aerospace and Additive Manufacturing.  Skills:  Solidworks, Fusion 360, 3D Printing (FDM), 3D Printing (SLA) and CNC Machining

John and Michael Papp
Who We Are

Just an older brother tinkering in model rocketry to keep his younger brother's passion alive.

For more than 40 years, my brother and I worked hard and did our best to find time to tinker.  So in addition to playing with model rockets, most of our tinkering involved cars, and for a while we spent alot of time hunting for and repairing vintage Volkswagen.  More recently, we opened up the Springs Cooper Clinic -- which was alot more convenient than Denver for most folks.  We ran the shop after "regular" work hours in the evenings and on weekends, and we could not keep up with all the customers.  Just about the time that we were looking to expand our efforts, our nefarious landlord raised our rent and "fun" was no longer a part of the equation!  And, my wonderful wife said that I was giving away too much work anyways, so we closed up shop!

Anyways, my brother was a 50-year lover of model rockets and his brain never stops churning.  One night he wrote and said “I am going to start a model rocket store.  I am going to sell everything as inexpensively as possible.  I will use some of the earnings to buy more motors, but the rest of the money that I make goes to purchase starter packages for local schools.” We were both getting older, and I think it was a spread the passion / spread the learning kind of mission if you will.

In May of 2022 – and at 57 years old – my brother picked up and moved his wife and kids and the dog and the cat to Colorado Springs to be closer to family.  And after a two-year quiet period for The Rocket Store, I encouraged him to get the business back up and running.  What did I know – I just thought that it would bring him some happiness.  I had hoped that things would come full circle and that my brother would have had the opportunity to start at least one rocketry club at one of the local Colorado schools – but life overwhelmed him and his dreams.  It didn’t work and we lost my brother Michael to his mental illness in February of 2023.  

After a bit of time away from the hobby to process and grieve, I have slowly worked myself back into rocketry – though just a bit.  I want to get his old site back up and running just to honor his memory.  Not sure what I will eventually do with it, but… in a very small way, here we go again…3, 2, 1…  Have fun and stay safe and enjoy our site.

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